Weekly Georgia Football Update

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The football season is in full swing with the NFL starting this week. Here is my weekly update on all things football in Georgia. Starting with The Falcons.


The NFL season for the Falcons kicked off last night as they faced the Eagles. The Falcons got off to a nice first drive, but were stopped just short of the end zone. The rest of the game was a dog fight. The Atlanta D showed its muscle but could only do so much to help the team. Matt Ryan and the offense struggled, but the one bright spot was Julio Jones who caught 10 passes for 169 yards. Final score ATL 12 PHL 17.


UGA get’s a ranked opponent in South Carolina this week. While the Bulldogs are heavy favorites in this game, it would be unwise to sleep on The Gamecocks as they are an upcoming football program. Kickoff is Saturday at 3:30 PM.


Tech stomped all over Alcorn State last week and this week they get South Florida. South Florida is not a team to overlook as they had an outstanding season last year. Kickoff is Saturday at 12PM.


Georgia State is coming off a close win against Kennesaw State. This week they face the formidable NC State. Georgia State are clear underdogs and it will be interesting how the hold their own. Kickoff is Saturday at 12:30 PM.


Football Season Is Here!

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It’s that time of year again! Baseball is wrapping up the regular season and College Football is on the horizon this weekend. I’m picking out local teams only and here my list of upcoming games.

Georgia Vs. Austin Peay

This “Practice” game for the Dawgs should be a blowout win as they take on the obviously less talented Governors. It will be interesting to see how Jake Fromm plays without some of the talent lost last year as Nick Chubb and Sonny Michel left for the NFL. Kickoff for this game is Saturday at 3:30 PM.

Georgia Tech Vs. Alcorn State

Paul Johnson’s Yellow Jackets should pull out a win this game. Plus they are at home, and this should be a major advantage. If they can get their offense rolling early it could be over sooner than later. The game Kicks off Saturday at 12:30 PM.

Georgia Southern Vs. South Carolina State

Georgia Southern ended their previous season with a loss to Coastal Carolina. So let’s hope for their sake they can pull out a win versus South Carolina State. The game kicks off on Saturday at 6PM.

Georgia State Vs. Kennesaw State

This game was played yesterday and boy was it a close one. Georgia State scored with 41 seconds left to win the game. Final score of this game was 24-20.


Meet our Operations Mgmt Asst: Ryanne

This week’s blog will be interviews with Two Men And A Truck staff. Today I spoke with Ryanne.

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Where are you from?

Ryanne is orginally from Deleware, but now resides here in Georgia.

What is your favorite TV show?

Her favorite tv show is Criminal Minds.

What is your favorite Musician?

Ryanne doesn’t have a favorite musician, but she is open to all kinds of music.

What do you do for fun when you’re not at work?

She loves Canoeing,Kayaking, Going to the park, and riding bikes with her kids.

What do you love the most about working at Two Men
And A Truck?

The team she works with between herself and Jerome. That is something you don’t find at every job and she is thankful to have a boss she can work well with.

How To Pack Plants For Moving

green plant with white ceramic pot
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House plants can be difficult to care for. They are also difficult to pack and move. Here is some general advice about moving and packing plants.

Moving to a new state

It should be noted that checking state regulations on plants is a must. Some states have strict regulations on types of plants that can be brought in. Some states will stop moving trucks at the borders to check for plants.

Moving Plants

Most moving companies won’t move house plants, period. Either it is the damage that might happen during packing, loading, or unloading. It is advised that you pack them in your own personal car.

Day of move

Wrap your plants in packing paper or newspaper. For taller plants pack the pot with moss and wrap the pot with wrap. Place smaller plants in a box. Fill space between plants with newspaper or packing paper.  When you arrive at your new home unload your plants first. Give them water and set them in a safe area of the home.

Meet A CSR: Karen

This week’s blog will be interviews with Two Men And A Truck staff. Today I sat down with KarenDiane

Where are you from?

Although Karen now resides in Georgia, she is originally from the great state of New York.

What is your favorite TV show?

Karen’s favorite show is the NBC Drama This Is Us.

What is your favorite Musician?

Her favorite Musician is none over than the King himself, Elvis Presley. Thank you, Thank you very much!

What do you do for fun when you’re not at work?

When not working hard, Karen loves to Decorate her home. She also loves spending time with her family, and shopping.

What do you love the most about working at Two Men
And A Truck?

She loves helping customers with challenging situations. Karen thinks helping them can lead to a seamless moving experience.

Top 5 Essential Back To School Supplies

back bus education school
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It’s that time again for kids! The Summer break is over and it’s time for back to school time. It also means it’s time for new school supplies. Here is my list of the top 5 most essential school supplies.


Clothing obviously is one of the most important items your child needs. You want them to be well dressed for the school year. Also a lot of public schools are now requiring uniforms.

Pens and Pencils

Writing utensils are a must! Your child must have them to complete their school work and assignments. They also have to that notes for tests and homework.

Binders and Paper

Another big one is binders and paper. Children need paper to complete assignments and to take notes. Binders are also essential because it helps your child stay organized.


Backpacks are another must! Kids have to lug around a lot of materials everyday at school. They need to carry books and other supplies from class to class without a hassle.

Tissues And Antibacterial Hand Lotion

These are extra important! Keeping your child’s nose clean and having antibacterial lotion on hand are essential. Schools are filled with germs and sickness. Besides no one wants a sick child on their hands.

Meet A CSR: Sabrina

This week’s blog will be interviews with your friendly Customer Service Reps. Today I sat down with Sabrina.

Where are you from?

Sabrina is from the Atlanta area and has lived her most of her life.

What is your favorite TV show?

She doesn’t watch much TV, but does enjoy adventure documentaries on Netflix.

What is your favorite Musician?

Sabrina enjoys Indie Rock and any type of feel good positive vibe music.

What do you do for fun when you’re not at work?

When she is not at work she loves backpacking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, and really any outdoor adventures.

What do you love the most about working at Two Men
And A Truck?

Sabrina loves the people she works with and the relaxed atmosphere. She also enjoys helping people.