10 Fun Facts About Moving

TWO MEN Loganville has full-time professional move teams who are fully-licensed, bonded and insured. Let us lift the heavy stuff!

  1. The average weight of one household move is 6000 pounds- or an averaged sized elephant!
  2. Commercial moves can weigh as much as two or three elephants!
  3. Three out of ten college graduates move with five years of getting their degree.
  4. One in six Americans or 17% of the U.S. population moves each year.
  5. Another way of looking at it is 45 million Americans move each year on average. This is equivalent to the population of California moving every year!
  6. People in the Northeast part of the US move the least, while those in the West move the most.
  7. It’s estimated that 1000 people take up residence in Florida every day.
  8. 31% of people choose their neighborhood based on convenience to work.
  9. Moving is the third most stressful event in life, with death and divorce being numbers one and two.
  10. Hiring a local moving company is easier on your budget and your nerves than renting a moving truck and moving everything by yourself.

5 Questions to Ask Before Your Move

Moving in together takes a lot of coordination. Between paperwork, browsing homes, design ideas and figuring out what you two want your shared space to look like- there’s a lot to learn. TWO MEN Tucker has a few ways to make your transition easier.

Who’s disassembling the furniture? If your family/friends are helping, remember to give them tasks not free reign over your move. They probably won’t pay to have your couch leg fixed.

Do you have enough shrink wrap? TWO MEN Tucker uses shrink wrap on all furniture before padding. Wrap and pad on all appliances and furniture comes standard with professional moving service.

How does insurance work? Liability for friends and family is given (not their stuff not their problem). A professional company should be licenced through the state of Georgia and DOT. The state of Georgia requires each moving company to offer relocation insurance. Always chose the highest deductible if using a non-reputable mover.

What are my payment options? TWO MEN Tucker takes security deposit via card to book your move and full payment on move-day. Your remaining balance on move day can be paid in cash or by card.

Who cleans up any mess tracked into my home? Our move teams use rubber carpeting to insure outside isn’t tracked inside. Our trucks are cleaned daily to insure your items won’t bring anything extra into your new home.

The Best Solution for Interior Designers

Dear Interior Designer,


We feel the pain of ordering around different crews all over Metro Atlanta. Coordinating can be cumbersome! Here’s how TWO MEN Tucker can help you stay sane during busy season:

Time well spent. Our move teams can meet your assistant at each home or storage site within 24 hours notice. Get more done during the day with TWO MEN Tucker!

Consistancy. Love your moving crew? Request them for each interior move. Our staff are happy to help rearrange furniture on multiple stories or bring in new pieces.

On-site storage. Cut your moving fees in half by letting TWO MEN Tucker store your items at our storage facility. We’re happy to accommodate small and large storage needs.

Dependable staff. Have a last minute question in the middle of the night? Our staff works round the clock to insure your items are handled with care in a timely fashion.


Let us know if you need us.



TWO MEN Tucker/Loganville




3 Signs You Might Need to Call Us

Long before Pinterest made DIY an acceptable lifestyle, the creative planners of the world found ways to get things done. Our Tucker movers understand everyone needs a little help. Here are a few signs to avoid your family’s moving meltdown:


Finding a home & closing took over 4 months

-Driving, falling in love and figuring out where your family would move takes time. Kids fall in love with a backyard or community pool. Your partner loved the home with less yard work. Everybody forgot to be patient. Cut your family some slack by letting TWO MEN Tucker do the heavy lifting.


No one wants to help pack

-The best move is a well-planned move. Packing can start up to 3 months before you leave your old home. If there’s already push-back on gathering packing supplies, trust the process to the pros. TWO MEN Loganville can pack and unpack your belongings. Point to the room and we’ll do the rest.


Attic, basement and several rooms have items that you don’t need

-Downsizing is easier said than done. Let TWO MEN Tucker take donations to reputable charities in Gwinnett, Rockdale, DeKalb or Walton. Have old appliances to recycle? Our move team is happy to take all recyclables to local sorting facilities.

What No One Tells You About Moving

TWO MEN Tucker has been in the moving game for over 15 years! We value our customer’s time and our staff’s time. Here’s a little behind the scene info on moving.

  1. There’s no such thing as over planning.
  2. Family and friends don’t actually care about your belongings as much as you do.
  3. Paying friends in meal-form for their help on move day is the bare minimum.
  4. Pack your toiletries, dresser drawers and underclothes yourself.
  5. Your first move without a professional relocation crew will hurt. You get what you pay for.
  6. Everyone will have at least 4 moving experiences they want to share with you. Be prepared to listen.
  7. Stay off social media on move day.
  8. Ask your music friend for multiple packing & unpacking playlists.
  9. Unpacking takes twice as long as packing. Hire a professional.
  10. De-cluttering your spare rooms, attic and basement can drastically lower your stress level before moving.
  11. Not every mover is accredited. Research all movers online before asking friends for referrals.
  12. Drive your computers, high dollar technology and jewelry in your personal vehicle. Only you know how much you paid for these items.
  13. Use small boxes for heavy items. Trust us.
  14. Meet your neighbors before you sign on the dotted line.
  15. Test the outlets before move day.

3 Ways to Relax During Christmas

Packing. Wrapping. Unpacking. Holiday parties. Office parties. December gets hectic, but your move doesn’t have to be we’ve got 3 ways to slow down.

  1. Have backup presents, food and helpers ready. Grab a little something extra for those surprise visitors, gift exchanges and drop-ins. Make sure to have extra food prep (homemade or catered) just in case. Surprises are for people who don’t have enough stress.
  2. Sit down. Seriously, grab a piece of the sofa or love seat and stretch out for 2 minutes. 120 seconds can do wonders for your agenda.
  3. Hire Gwinnett’s Movers Who Care before family comes over. Christmas decorations still in the attic? TWO MEN Tucker can help. Can’t reach the top shelf where the good China is stored? TWO MEN Loganville can help. Want a fast breakdown from Christmas decorations? TWO MEN Tucker can help.



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Moving Yourself in Rainy Weather

Experience is the best teacher. Moving by yourself can be both frustrating and humbling. As much as our movers would love to help, sometimes it’s better to learn the hard way before calling the professionals. If you and yours choose to move without the pros, use these simple tips:

Plan on moving over the course of multiple days. If this isn’t possible, triple-check your responsibility to make sure everything runs smoothly without your full attention.

Watch the weather through several sources. If inclement weather is forecast, use extreme caution. Gwinnett and DeKalb rarely see high winds, rains or tornadoes. However, don’t risk your valuables, transportation and livelihood over moving during inclement weather. Rain can do more damage than you’d think.


Rain slows traffic down. We have horrible traffic on highways, interstates and sometimes back roads. Not everyone will have the same deadline as you. Have alternate load, pack and drive plans.

Expect the unexpected. Be upfront with friends, coworkers, managers and family while moving. Beginning plans (1-2 days before moving) and ending plans (when you’ll be back at work- we recommend the following workday after your finished move) are great.

Unplug. No need to post on social, group texts or work email during relocation. Fun stories to brag about can wait. If your manager or coworker sees something off, you’ll be explaining more than working once everything is settled.

Utilities overlapping happens. Your old complex/landlord/home might make you pay through the end of the calendar month. Call a month before moving to see when each service recommends your official notice. Cell phone alarms, calendar appointments- whatever it takes to switch utilities on/off is highly important.