Memorial Day Road Trip Fun

This year’s Memorial Day is supposed to be one of the busiest travel times of the year. That means traffic and long hours on the road. Here are some games to keep you in high spirits on these long rides.

The Name Game

Start by naming a celebrity, fictional character, sports icon etc. (no personal or friend names)

Next person takes the first letter of that person’s last name and names another celebrity, fictional character, sports icon etc. and so on and so forth!

Situational rule: If someone uses a name with the same letter for the first and last name the player rotation reverses.

Fake Facts

You take turns making up crazy facts. If you guys are good at it you can take turns building on a fact.

For example: Free roaming Gummy bears are weigh around three pounds and to get a bag full they must be squished down.

Next Player: They are squished down to harvest syrup from, two products one gummy bear.

Ice Cream Sundae

Find the cars in this order first to win. Yell the clue words with one other witness to the car, players cannot claim the same car. Enjoy!

Start: White car – “Vanilla!”

2nd: Brown car – “Chocolate!”

3rd: Bright pink, purple, or green car – “Sprinkles!”

End: Red car – “Cherry on top!”

If you’d like more ideas for traveling this Memorial Day check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest Memorial Day Board or our Travel Hacks Board.


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