The Struggle of Moving with Pets

Our furry friends go through everything with us. All the ups, downs and every feeling in between are likely felt by your compassionate pets. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Tucker has a few tips on helping your pets adjust to your new home:

  1. Take it slow. Bring your pets to the new place to explore a few times before moving. A few walk through and a little explanation never hurt anyone. Car rides are hit-or-miss with pets. However, your furry friends will understand where you go, they go.
  2. Play with their favorite toys at your new place. Comfort blankets aren’t just for babies. Our fur-babies need a little reassurance too. Combine their toys with your new yard, park nearby or floors for positive memories.

dog3. Keep your pets with one person on the day of your move. Consistency works well for pets. Hiring a mover requires a lot of trust and attention to detail on move day. If your family has TWO MEN AND A TRUCK pack, move and help settle you in, move day will go much smoother than using an uninsured, damage-prone alternate. More time with your pets, less to stress about.


4. Be patient. Change can turn the best of us crazy. Your pet will hear, see and be around everything new. Even if you’re just moving down the street, its a whole new world for the little guys.

For more ideas on how to get packing check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest.


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