College Move In Day

Summer has flown by! Whether you’ve been planning out your student’s transition to college or procrastinating until the last minute, TWO MEN Tucker has your back. Our movers can do the heavy lifting. Avoid the heat of move in day by using these tips:

college packing supplies

  • Bring water. Many a dorm will be stuffy, have AC problems or have too many people running in and out all day long. Factor in open windows, propped open doors and how wonderful Georgia heat feels. Moving or settling in, water will be very refreshing.
  • Utilize in-store pickup and figure out where to buy all the necessities. If you student is moving across the country or out of state for school, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Tucker can pick up appliances, furniture and dorm necessities as a stop along the way.
  • Don’t leave home without an HDMI cable, Ethernet cable and mulitple pairs of headphones. HDMI is helpful for dual screens, smart TVs, gaming, relaxing or to avoid buying a new DVD/Blu-Ray player.
  • Let TWO MEN Tucker do the packing. Forgetting to tape, secure boxes or purchasing enough wrap to keep all the box folds down can get expensive. Our movers are happy to bring supplies to your home and do the packing while you relax.

Don’t listen to college horror stories, you don’t have to lift a finger. Avoid straining your back, knees or pulling a muscle by letting TWO MEN Tucker move your student forward. Spend more time helping your student settle in!



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