Moving Yourself in Rainy Weather

Experience is the best teacher. Moving by yourself can be both frustrating and humbling. As much as our movers would love to help, sometimes it’s better to learn the hard way before calling the professionals. If you and yours choose to move without the pros, use these simple tips:

Plan on moving over the course of multiple days. If this isn’t possible, triple-check your responsibility to make sure everything runs smoothly without your full attention.

Watch the weather through several sources. If inclement weather is forecast, use extreme caution. Gwinnett and DeKalb rarely see high winds, rains or tornadoes. However, don’t risk your valuables, transportation and livelihood over moving during inclement weather. Rain can do more damage than you’d think.


Rain slows traffic down. We have horrible traffic on highways, interstates and sometimes back roads. Not everyone will have the same deadline as you. Have alternate load, pack and drive plans.

Expect the unexpected. Be upfront with friends, coworkers, managers and family while moving. Beginning plans (1-2 days before moving) and ending plans (when you’ll be back at work- we recommend the following workday after your finished move) are great.

Unplug. No need to post on social, group texts or work email during relocation. Fun stories to brag about can wait. If your manager or coworker sees something off, you’ll be explaining more than working once everything is settled.

Utilities overlapping happens. Your old complex/landlord/home might make you pay through the end of the calendar month. Call a month before moving to see when each service recommends your official notice. Cell phone alarms, calendar appointments- whatever it takes to switch utilities on/off is highly important.



Movers for Mutts: Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen

TWO MEN Loganville is excited to partner with Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen this fall to help pets in need. Maintaining a furry friend can be expensive and time consuming. Daffys understands! They have several programs to help families keep their pets healthy. Daffy’s also makes great strides to leading Georgia to a “No Kill” state.

We’re currently looking for local Gwinnett and DeKalb businesses to help us collect essentials for Daffys. To better serve the community, we’d love to partner with gyms, daycare centers, school, community members and local businesses. If interested in giving back, DM us on Twitter @tmt_loganville, leave your contact info in the comments section or send an email to daffys 2 daffys


Senior Moving

Choosing the right environment for your loved ones can be a tough time. Moving can be an even bigger pain. Let TWO MEN Tucker take the heavy lifting off your plate. We treat all families with respect and constant communication to make sure everyone is comfortable. Use these tips to help your loved ones transition easier:

moving w box

  • Purge together. Have a sorting party with extended family. Make a picnic out of it. The more memories you create towards moving forward the better your loved ones will feel about living in a new environment.
  • Donate together. This will be especially helpful for downsizing. Whether your family is now staying in your guest suite or downtown in an adult community, helping them transition through giving back will reduce their anxiety.
  • Keep your move efficient. Running to get packing supplies, renting a vehicle, running up and down stairs all day then returning rented items can take away quality time. TWO MEN Tucker speed up your move by allowing you to help relax and settle your loved ones in.


Worried about packing everything? TWO MEN Tucker can help with packing and unpacking too! If some items aren’t needed once everything is settled, our movers can take items to a donation center of your choice.

College Move In Day

Summer has flown by! Whether you’ve been planning out your student’s transition to college or procrastinating until the last minute, TWO MEN Tucker has your back. Our movers can do the heavy lifting. Avoid the heat of move in day by using these tips:

college packing supplies

  • Bring water. Many a dorm will be stuffy, have AC problems or have too many people running in and out all day long. Factor in open windows, propped open doors and how wonderful Georgia heat feels. Moving or settling in, water will be very refreshing.
  • Utilize in-store pickup and figure out where to buy all the necessities. If you student is moving across the country or out of state for school, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Tucker can pick up appliances, furniture and dorm necessities as a stop along the way.
  • Don’t leave home without an HDMI cable, Ethernet cable and mulitple pairs of headphones. HDMI is helpful for dual screens, smart TVs, gaming, relaxing or to avoid buying a new DVD/Blu-Ray player.
  • Let TWO MEN Tucker do the packing. Forgetting to tape, secure boxes or purchasing enough wrap to keep all the box folds down can get expensive. Our movers are happy to bring supplies to your home and do the packing while you relax.

Don’t listen to college horror stories, you don’t have to lift a finger. Avoid straining your back, knees or pulling a muscle by letting TWO MEN Tucker move your student forward. Spend more time helping your student settle in!


Tuesday Move Tip

Leaving one neighborhood and moving to another can really put a damper on your mood. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Tucker has a few ideas on how to keep friendships going:

  1. moving tipGet a digital and paper copy of neighborhood kids’ addresses. Between your relocation professionals, personal items in your own vehicle and friends helping.
  2. Unpack or pack, misplacing items around the new house is extremely likely. TWO MEN Tucker suggests using colored markers or stickies on each box to map out where everything goes. Keeping two copies of pen pal addresses is always a plus!
  3. Plan a weekly puppy or pet play date with pets from your old neighborhood. Pets love their people! Transitioning to a new home is means adjusting to new people and pets. Keeping up with friends will help your pet adjust faster.
  4. Skype, FaceTime or video chat your old neighborhood friends. technology is great! Let the kids take a tablet around the house and show their friends what their new backyard looks like. More incentive to visit.
  5. Have a neighborhood party before you move. Helping the kids understand a new home doesn’t mean hey have to forget their old friends is important. BBQs, meeting at a mini-golf, water park or go-kart course will be very memorable. Pool parties are highly suggested for less clean up.


Have a tips your family used used while moving? We’d love to spread the word. Let us know your favorite moving tips in the comments!

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Monday Motivation

Researching your relocation professional is important. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Tucker understands you’ve got a busy family and no extra free time. Check out our reviews on Facebook and Google. We also have an internal survey families use to give us feedback on their move.

115 Review Graphic.jpg

Thanks, Susan! We appreciate all of our customers who’ve taken the time to review us. How’d your last move go? Let us know in the comment section!

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What to Expect When You Move Yourself

Choosing a professional mover can be tough your first time around. If you opt to move yourself, be prepared for the following:

  1. Losing track of time and items you never know you needed. Those heirlooms gifted from a loved one at your wedding? Vanished into thin air. Will you miss hunting them down during holiday parties or weekend visits, no. Will you have to answer a myriad of questions, absolutely.
  2. Feeling extra tired on day 2 of the move. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Tucker understands all the energy, time and pressure involved in relocation. Taking it all by yourself can add unnecessary stress. On the bright side, if you unpack before you fall asleep tomorrow will be a better day.
  3. Unpacking will seem life an black hole for your time. Moving yourself takes a lot of patience, practice and discipline. Wanted to go to that concert the day after your move? Might have to skip out on the outfit or gear you’d planned to bring. Settling in takes about 1-2 weeks longer than you’d expect. Take it easy, y’all.
  4. Planning around the rain. Those precious electronics don’t like Georgia weather. Just because it’s raining in DeKalb doesn’t mean it won’t rain in Gwinnett in a few minutes. Have a backup move date just in case.
  5. Deep Breaths. Everything might go wrong. Your mattress might fly off I-85 if it’s not tied down properly. Those appliances might be a little too heavy for your friend’s truck. There might not be any rental trucks available if you arrive after 10am on a weekend. Consider hiring TWO MEN® Tucker instead of hassling through your move. We can get the appliances, mattresses, patio/indoor furniture as safely and quickly as possible to your new home. More time to relax :]


Stay tuned for part 2, when we talk about common complaints from customers who wish they’d used us sooner.

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