Get Spring Clean in 10 minutes a day

Annual rituals strike again! It’s spring cleaning time, but the problem is that you can’t seem to find the time to do it.


Today people are busier than ever before. You may work a full-time job, have children, be a full-time student, have a demanding schedule and so on and so forth making it difficult to find the time to spring clean. Spreading your cleaning tasks out over a few weeks can make the process bearable and much easier.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Tucker has got some great tips on getting your home decluttered and refreshed within just a few weeks.


Set a designated time each day to complete a task from the list below. And if you have the help, delegate a task to each person in your home. You will have your house spring clean in no time!


Tasks that only take 10 minutes or less:


  1. If you have children, devote 10 minutes to decluttering, picking up, or donating any toys your children no longer use.
  2. Empty out the junk drawers. All those miscellaneous items that you don’t need can be trashed in minutes.
  3. Clean out your bathroom cabinets. Old products and half used hotel lotions can really eat up space.
  4. Clean out your refrigerator. Look for items that are expired and toss them into the trash bin.
  5. Clean your ceiling fans. If you have the help, delegate one person to a ceiling fan and if you don’t have the help, take a week to get each fan in your home clean.
  6. Dust your blinds, television, end tables, coffee tables, and book shelves.
  7. Vacuum the carpets.
  8. Make your bed as neatly as possible.
  9. Clean your mirrors.
  10. Scrub your toilets.

Begin making a list of everything that needs to be cleaned and commit to just 10 minutes each day cleaning them and before you know it, you’ll have cleaned the entire house! Happy Spring Cleaning!

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Valentines Day for Your Scrooge

Since V-day is actually part myth, part marketing– celebrate the thought that really counts. How much you care about your community, friends, coworkers, kids and partner. Best way to show your love? Our Snellville movers had a few suggestions:

  1. Look for ways to serve
  2. Be helpful without asking
  3. Try new things together
  4. Save and surprise your loved ones with a weekend getawayvalentines-6
  5. Be more interested in their day
  6. Actively listen
  7. Bring their go-to comforts to work
  8. Stop by the kid’s practice with extra sports drinks and a love letter
  9. Spend 5 minutes texting your loved ones just how much they mean to you
  10. Send a positive song that reminds you of them
  11. Take time to motivate others
  12. Keep your word


Have better ways to show your love? Teach us in the comment section.

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Movers For Mutts Recap



The end of 2016 meant the end of our Movers for Mutts campaign. We had such a great experience with the charity campaign that we were sad to see it go. However, we couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results! Our sponsors were VCA Peachtree Animal Hospital, VCA Lilburn, Tucker Pet Supply and The People’s Pets. All four of these locations were so helpful in raising over 1,192 donation items, which all went towards benefitting The Little Nuggets Rescue, a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing dogs who were abandoned or homeless. Having the opportunity to help such a wonderful organization made all of our hard work more than worth it. Movers for Moms will definitely be back in the Summer!


If you didn’t get a chance to donate during the campaign, Little Nuggets Rescue is always accepting donations!

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Movers For Moms – Lilburn Cooperative Ministry, Inc.


Two Men and a Truck Tucker is relaunching our Movers For Moms campaign this spring! Last year was such a success that we had to bring it back. We are happy to announce that all of the proceeds that we raise from this year’s campaign will go to Lilburn Cooperative Ministry, Inc.

Lilburn Co-op is a non-profit Christian ministry that provides meals, clothes and shelter to people in need around the Lilburn area. Since their founding in 1994, Lilburn Co-op has, according to their one of their mission statements, “utilize[d] community resources to minister to the material and spiritual needs of those in crisis”. Some of the services that they have provided over the years are funds for emergency needs, clothing closet, employment resources and referrals, school supplies, among many others. They also provide services to churches in their community, such as a central ministry to refer those requesting assistance, up to date information on additional sources of assistance, and they send client information to churches for follow up.



This wonderful organization has compiled a wish list of items that we are working to gather. These are items that they are always looking for to provide all their services.

  • Diapers sizes 3/4/5
  • Baby wipes
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Tampons and pads
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Canned meat/tuna
  • Juice
  • Snacks


If you would like to donate any of these items you can call our Tucker office at (470) 336-1405.

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Spring Cleaning

Fun Fact: most people use the phrase “spring cleaning” even when it’s not springtime.


A good “spring cleaning” can be a weekly occurrence for the neat freaks of the world. It usually takes these people hardly any time because their house is already spotless. For the rest of us, a spring clean can be having to clean out every room in the house.


  • Create a to-do list. Not unlike a grocery list, mapping out your cleaning project(s) prevents wrinkles and saves dollars. can help you stay on task, instead of jumping around from room to room. Being able to go through and check things off can make big cleans more bearable.
  • Defrost your freezer. If you’re like me, you didn’t find out that you need to even do this until you were living on your own for more than 3 years. The best way to defrost your freezer is to boil some water and stick it in your freezer. The heat from the water will melt the excess ice and/or frost.
  • Donate any unused belongings. If it’s still in respectable condition, no matter what it is, you should donate it! There will always be a family out there that might need help.
  • Get the pros haul away excess furniture. As part of our new Ancillary Services, we can come pick-up almost anything that you plan on giving away and bring it to any charity, donation center, or even the dump. Give our Tucker office a call at (470)336-1405.
  • Restock the First-Aid kit. The reasoning for this seems self-explanatory.
  • Clean out gutters. If you have a lot of trees in your yard the gutters can fill up quickly. If you let too many leaves accumulate, the gutters can go crashing to the ground. Just be careful getting up there!


If you have anything that you think we should add to our list, comment and let us know! We are interested to hear your own spring-cleaning tips!

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New Year, New Mess

What happens to an unbalanced parent during the holidays? Ask any grandparent or seasoned friend. Chaos. To prevent chaos from creeping into your move, our Tucker staff have a few tips for moving with kids during the holidays.

  1. Gwinnett Public Schools go back January 5. Knowing when your routine will start back might be one less thing to stress about. Back to school coats, supply lists and lunch preparation is better in advance. Check for your new bus route once the teachers have pre-planning in early January.
  2. Take some time during New Years or New Years Eve to enjoy the moment. Revel in all your family accomplished this year. Think back on your goals for 2016, did you smash them to pieces or not put in enough energy to truly commit? Cheers to 2017!
  3.  Make a commitment to yourself, not a resolution to a problem. Trick your 2017 self into following through with your goals by setting realistic steps. Big dreams are possible! Enjoy the little things on way.
  4. Understand anything is possible but parents can only do one thing at a time. Don’t spread yourself too thin in 2017. Balancing the kid’s activities, being an employee, family time, finding time to relax and planning adult time with loved ones is taxing. Don’t let your new home become more work than it has to be. Plan ahead for your pack, move and settling in periods.
  5. Relax more. Less stress means more sleep. Better sleep means a little exercise. Hike with loved ones, find your local cycling club or download AllTrails for new places to take your pup.


    Underground Atlanta’s Peach Drop

The true beauty of 2016 coming to a close is more moments with the ones you love, starting a new chapter, beginning a new adventure, mapping out a new trip and being humbly content. Progress not perfection. Our Tucker team wishes you and yours a healthy and happy New Year!

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Can’t Get Enough Cubs, Y’all

-All thoughts come from our very own baseball tailgater, lover of all things cat related (because they truly are OGs), part-time political optimist and an on-the-low coffee habitué, Nick. 


The Chicago Cubs entered 2016 as 4-1 favorites to win the World Series, and for good reason. As a franchise, the Cubs had spent the past 4 seasons building a “super team” by drafting and developing multiple excellent hitting prospects (see:Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, Willson Contreras, Kyle Schwarber). Cubs did an awesome job making trades for a variety of players (see:Jake Arrieta, Aroldis Chapman, Kyle Hendricks, Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo). By signing big-time free agents such as Ben Zobrist, Jason Heyward, Jon Lester, the Cubs weren’t messing around. The man responsible for building one of the best rosters in the history of baseball was general manager, Theo Epstein. Epstein was hired away from the Boston Red Sox in October of 2011, famously ending the Red Sox’ 86 year World Series drought in 2004. That accomplishment alone was enough for Epstein to forever have his name in baseball’s history. Recently, Epstein was asked to end an even longer “curse” so the Cubs might have a better chance.

Even though the Cubs had a solid lineup from top to bottom, young superstars Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo who are 24 and 27 years old were standout leaders. The starting-pitching staff was arguably one of the best in baseball. Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, Jon Lester and John Lackey combined to through 777 innings, while limiting hitters to a 2.76 ERA. The Cubs won a major league leading 103 games in the regular season.


In the playoffs, the Cubs beat the Giants and Dodgers in the NLDS and NLCS to advance to the World Series to take on the Cleveland Indians. The World Series got off to a rough start for the Cubs. After 4 games, they were down 3-1 to Cleveland, meaning they needed just 1 more win to become champions, but the Cubs refused to allow their franchise’s World Series drought to continue any further, and they won Games 5,6 and 7 for their first World Series in 108 years! Game 7 of the series was one for the ages as the Cubs scored 6 runs off of playoff standouts Corey Kluber and Andrew Miller, only to have the lead given up by Aroldis Chapman in the 8th inning, forcing the game into extra innings. In the top of the 10th, World Series MVP, Ben Zobrist, came up huge and drove in a run, along with Willson Contreras.

Theo Epstein has built a team to last and the Cubs seemed destined to give the city of Chicago multiple championships in the following years.


Shout out to the Cubs for never giving up! Maybe they can teach out Atlanta Braves a thing or two in 2017’s Fall Classic. Until then, have a safe tailgating season from the Tucker Movers Who Care.

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